With off-grid solar PV systems households rely entirely on the electricity they produce. These systems are most often used when there is no access to the grid or it is very expensive to connect to it. Or you aim to avoid the lengthy procedure that comes with getting connected to the grid. This type of solar PV system can have all kinds of power capacity. An off-grid system can power from a simple lamp to an entire production base.

The sizing of off-grid systems is a complex process and depends on many factors. It depends on whether the system will be used all year round or seasonally. It depends on the power of the appliances, how many hours a day they will be used, the location of the system and many more.

In order to calculate exactly what kind of off-grid system you need, you must first gather information about the appliances you will use and their unit capacities. Estimate how many hours a day they will work and then send us an inquiry so that we can offer you the best solution.

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