The annual yield of a solar PV system depends on a number of factors, including its location, whether it will be built on a rooftop or land, the slope and orientation of the property / building with regards to the sun. The figure below shows the estimated production of a ground-mounted solar PV plant with a capacity of 30kW, located in the region of Pazardzhik, with an ideal slope and orientation with regards to the sun. This system will produce 39,265.12 kWh per year. A system with a power capacity of 5kW will produce 6,544.19kWh under the same conditions, and a system of 10kW – 13,088.37kWh per year.

In general, in Bulgaria, a power plant operates between 1200 and 1400 hours per year, depending on the region in which it is installed. That is, if it is 10kWp, at 1200 hours per year, it will produce about 12,000kW of energy per calendar year.

месечно производство на слънчев енергия от 30kW система