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159 kWp
on-grid rooftop system, sofia


This solar PV system embodies exactly what we believe in and why we started building solar PV systems in the first place – for the customer’s own consumption, without feeding the electricity back into the national grid.

We have always thought that the best location for the production of green energy is where this energy is consumed – on the rooftops of businesses and warehouses.

For this system we used a ballast mounting structure, but of a slightly different type. Because the building has a PVC membrane that waterproofs the roof, its penetration by drilling was not possible. In this type of insulation, the membrane is placed on cotton wool, which is soft and, accordingly, the insulation sinks when a large weight is applied to it. In cases like this, a “ballast” mounting structure with a slope of 20 degrees is used. But there is one feature of this type of mounting structure – no weights. For the purpose of holding the system down, the rows are connected between them by means of profiles, so that something like a “grid” is formed. In this way, the wind force is distributed along the entire installation, without the weight being concentrated in one place. Windshield covers are also installed on each panel. The entire structure and each fixture are made of aluminum or stainless steel to guarantee a long life, similarly to the life of the system.

You can find all components included in this system at https://SolarHouse.BG

Technical specifications





Number of modules


Solar PV modules

SunRise 340Wp Mono PERC Half-Cut


3 pcs Huawei SUN2000-60KTL


Customer's own energy consumption

Annual production

205 000 kWh

Installation period

30 days

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