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250 kWp
rooftop on-grid system, pazardzhik


This system embodies what we believe in and why we started installing solar PV systems in the first place- for own consumption of the electricity, without feeding energy back to the grid or selling at a tariff.

We have always thought that the best place for the production of green energy is where it will be consumed – on the roofs of businesses and warehouses.

The system will save the investor over 325 MWh of energy per year. We have also  implemented a number of other advantages that come with a solar PV installation.

  • A monitoring system: in the last picture you can see what the monitoring system looks like and how it allows you to monitor the production of the solar PV system and the consumption of the site in real time and from anywhere in the world. It allows the customer to monitor the ratio of energy coming from the power plant to the total amount of energy consumed on site on a daily and monthly basis. 
  • We have also activated a reactive energy compensation system, which significantly reduces the penalty fees paid for it. The Smart Reactive Power Controll system is relatively new to Huawei, but it works flawlessly and achieves excellent results!

Another interesting and less known feature is the type of mounting structure which we have implemented in this system. Because the building has a PVC membrane that waterproofs the roof, its violation by drilling and gripping is not an option. In cases like this, a “ballast” mounting system with a slope of 20 degrees is used. Its name comes from the fact that ballasts (weights) are used for gripping.

We carefully calculated exactly how many weights should be placed at which points, so as to ensure the static nature of the solar PV panels. Great attention was paid to the area in which the building falls and what winds the structure has to deal with. For additional wind protection, each row of modules has covers on the back on both sides to minimise wind pressure on the panels. The entire structure and each fastener are made of aluminum or stainless steel to have a long life, just like the system.

All components included in the system can be found at https://SolarHouse.BG

Technical specification


On-grid system



Number of solar PV modules


Solar PV Modules

SunRise 340Wp Mono PERC Half-Cut


4 pcs Huawei SUN2000-60KTL


Own consumption only

Annual production

325 000 kWh

Installation period

45 days