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30 kWpRooftop On-grid System


Here we have installed an on-grid solar PV system with a peak capacity of 30kW.

The purpose of the system is again entirely for selling the produced energy back into the grid for a tariff. The specific feature of this site is that the building has waterproofing, which the client naturally does not want to be compromised. In these cases the so-called “ballast” mounting system is used. Here we have worked with the Italian company SunBallast and their system for such sites.

The system is convenient and quick to install and 100% wind proof. Because the system is located close to the sea where the wind is stronger, the mounting structure required the use of additional weights, which are placed between the mounting structure legs and are tied to each row.

Another piece of evidence that the sector is developing rapidly and already has a solution for all needs!

All components can be found at https://SolarHouse.BG

Technical Specifications


On-grid system



Number of Solar PV Modules


Solar PV Modules

SunRise 300Wp Mono


1 pcs Huawei SUN2000-33KTL


Entirely for the sale
of electricity

Annual Production

37 000 kWh

Installation Period

5 days