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30 kWp
Rooftop On-grid system with an investment purpose, pazardzhik


Here we have built a 30kWp on-grid solar PV system on the roof of a production facility.

Some of the solar panels are mounted directly on theroof, and due to insufficient space and inadequate orientation towards the sun, we built an additional structure that will “turn” the slope to the south and direct the panels correctly.

The system is built for investment purposes, to sell the entire amount of energy produced.

The equipment is a well-known combination – SunRise 340Wp Half-Cut panels and a Huawei inverter.

All components used in the system can be found at https://SolarHouse.BG

Technical specifications


On-Grid System



Number of solar PV modules


Solar PV modules

SunRise 340Wp Mono PERC Half-Cut


1 pcs Huawei SUN2000-33KTL


The sale of electricity produced

Annual production

39 800 kWh

Installation period

4 days