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Hybrid system
on a chalet above the town of batak


We delivered and installed a small off-grid solar PV system for the needs of two buildings in a remote location in the forest above the town of Batak.

We built the system with 4 pcs. polycrystalline modules CanadianSolar 265Wp, a  hybrid inverter FSP 24V / 3000W with a built-in MPPT controller and 4 batteries Rolls 6V / 230Ah.

All this will be enough to satisfy the customer’s basic needs for lighting, TV, refrigerator, chargers and other small consumers.

All components can be found at https://SolarHouse.BG

Technical specification


Hybrid system


Town of Batak, Pazardzhik

Number of solar PV modules


Solar PV modules

CanadianSolar 265 Wp Polycrystalline


Rolls Series 4000 - 6V/230Ah - 4pcs


Hybrid FSP 24V/3000W with built-in MPPT controller


Powering the energy needs of the chalet

Installation period

Half a day