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Hybrid system
on a chalet in Tsigov Chark
batak Dam


A hybrid solar PV system, which we installed in a chalet in Tsigov Chark, in a place that currently has no power supply from the main grid.

The system is equipped with 4 pcs solar PV panels CanadianSolar 265Wp, a hybrid inverter FSP 24/3000 and batteries MHB 250Ah GEL. Once the site is powered by the EVN network, the hybrid inverter will take care of the exchange between the network and the solar PV system as a source of electricity.

All components can be found at https://SolarHouse.BG

Technical specifications


Hybrid system


Tsigov Chark, Batak Dam

Number of solar PV modules


Solar PV modules

CanadianSolar 265 Wp polycrystalline


MHB 12/250Ah GEL - 2 pcs


HYbrid FSP 24V/3000W with a built-in MPPT controller


Powering the energy needs of the chalet

Installation period

Half a day