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Autonomous / Island system

This system is used when the site does not have mains power
and the photovoltaic system is the only source of energy.

Main characteristics

Unlike the grid system, this system is completely independent of the electricity supply network. It consists of the following components:


Most often these systems are used when you do not have access to the network or it is very expensive to connect to it, and to avoid the heavy procedure that accompanies joining. It can be of all kinds of capacities, from powering a simple lamp at night, to powering an entire production facility.

Sizing this system is a complex process and depends on many factors – year-round or seasonal will the system is used, the power of the electrical appliances, how many hours a day they will work, the location of the system and much more.

In order to calculate what exactly you need, you must first collect information about the electrical appliances that will you also use their unit capacities. Estimate how many hours a day they will roughly work and then send us an inquiry so we can offer you a solution.


The system can be used for virtually anything – video surveillance, park and street lighting, household, agricultural needs and much more.

Even small systems such as campers, caravans and boats are also classified as autonomous systems, because they do not have an external power supply.

We CANNOT give you a price based on an inquiry of the type – “I need 1 kilowatt” and “Price for 2 kilowatts”. Each component of this system has a different power that is not tied to the other components. In order to be fair, we only give offers against detailed customer data.

With us you get

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