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Hybrid system

A combination of networked and autonomous system.
It can be both independent and work in sync with the network.

Main characteristics

Structurally, this system is very similar to the autonomous system because its components are almost the same. It consists of the following components:


Most often, these systems are used when you want to use the energy from the sun for your own needs, but also have the security of the network so that you do not run out of power. It can be set up in many different ways – to give the surplus to the network or not to give it. Also, in the absence of a network, it can be combined with a diesel generator to supplement the system when needed. It can be set to start automatically when the batteries are low, so you don’t have to worry about the system at all – it’s all automated!

Sizing this system is a complex process, just like with the autonomous system, and depends on many factors – whether the system will be used year-round or seasonally, the power of the electrical appliances, how long a day they will work, the location of the system and many others.

But unlike the autonomous system, it is not critical if the hybrid system cannot provide the necessary energy at some point, because then the backup power source comes to the rescue – network or unit.

The system can be used for practically everything – video surveillance, park and street lighting, household, agricultural needs and many others.


It should be kept in mind that although it sounds the most attractive as a structure, because it has the ability to store energy and release it when there is no sun, this functionality also comes at a price. In hybrid systems, another type of inverters are used compared to those in grid systems, which, due to the large number of options and functions, are more expensive. Also, the system has batteries, which should not be forgotten as a consumable. If you rely on very high-end batteries, they can last more than 10 years, but even then the initial investment will be much larger. For now, we personally recommend this type of system in the following cases and situations:
  • Places with intermittent power supply (frequent blackouts)
  • Locations with poor grid performance (low or high voltage)
  • Places with current mode
  • Places without power but with some type of backup power (generator)

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