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Hybrid system

A combination between an on-grid and an off-grid system.
This system can work independently or in line with the main power grid.

Key Characteristics

By its structure, this system is very similar to the off-grid system, as its made up of most of the same components. The system contains the following components:


These systems are most often used when the customer would like to use solar energy for their own needs, but to also have the added security of the main grid, so that they don’t run out of power. The system can be set up in many different ways: to feed surplus energy into the grid or not. In the absence of grid access, it can be combined with a diesel generator to supplement the system, if necessary. The system is fullky automated and can be set to start automatically when the batteries are low, so you don’t have any concerns!

Аs with the off-grid system, the sizing of this system is a complex process which depends on a variety of factors: year-round or seasonal use of the system, nominal power of the desired appliances, how many hours per day each of them would be used for, and location of the system, among others.

Unlike the off-grid system, however, it is not critical if at some point the hybrid system is not able to provide the necessary energy, as it is designed with an extra, backup power source: the main grid or a generator.

The system can be used for practically everything, from video surveillance, park and street lighting, to household, agricultural needs and many more.


Useful facts

It should be kept in mind that although it a most attractive option, because it has the ability to store energy or use the grid when there is no sun, this functionality comes at a price. Hybrid systems use a different type of inverter to on-grid systems, which are more expensive due to a large number of extra features and functions. The system also contains batteries which should not be forgotten as consumables. If you choose high quality batteries, they can last over 10 years, but they will also increase the initial investment due to their higher cost.

We recommend a hybrid system in the following cases and situations:

  • Places with insecure power supply (frequent power outages)
  • Places with poor network performance (low or high voltage)
  • Places where loadshedding is experienced
  • Places where there is no power supply, but there is some type of backup power supply (generator)

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