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On-Grid Systems

The most common system, with the lowest cost and least maintenance.

Main characteristics

The name of the system itself comes from its way of working, namely – in parallel with the network. It consists of photovoltaic panels, grid inverter (one or several) and distribution board. It has no batteries. The power of these systems can vary from 250Wp to infinity, depending on the needs.

The size of such a system is mainly determined by two factors – the area you have available to install the photovoltaic system and amount of the investment you are ready to make.

It is important that the location of your building is such that you have a south exposure, and that you do not have anything around you that could overshadow you at any given time – trees, buildings, etc.

First option

These systems can work on two principles – entirely for sale of the produced electricity or for own consumption.

In the first option, the photovoltaic system is connected directly to the power grid by means of an electricity meter and the entire amount produced is given outside. At the end of each month, it is calculated and, after issuing a payment document, you are paid at the price specified in your purchase contract. At the moment, the most widespread photovoltaic system 30kW, because up to this power you are guaranteed to buy the energy at a preferential price determined by KEVR.

At the moment there are three requirements for the property, in that you want to build a photovoltaic system in order to sell the energy:

Price for purchasing energy from photovoltaic power plants as of 07/01/2020. with decision C-27 of KEVR:

Second option

In the second option, the photovoltaic system is connected to the internal network of your household. If there is production from the plant, the produced energy enters the system of your household. If at this moment you have consumption, it is satisfied as a priority by the photovoltaic system. If, however, the production of the system fails to satisfy the needs of the household at that moment, the amount of energy that does not reach is supplemented by the external network.

Understandably, the bureaucratic process of legalizing such an investment can worry any potential investor. We assure you that we have been through this process hundreds of times and we are fully prepared to take on the burden by preparing all the necessary documents, including a project – part structural and part electrical.

All steps, along with requirements and necessary documents, are presented on this infographic. For further questions, you can read more on our FAQ page.

On the other hand, if the amount of energy produced is greater than what you are currently consuming, then you have two options:

Option 1

The excess amount is given back to the network, by means of a two-way electricity meter, which is installed by the energy transmission company and this energy is paid to you at a certain price, which is different from the preferential price indicated above.< /p>

Option 2

Limiting production, by means of a smart electricity meter that detects when there is excess energy. In this way, you will have no relationship with the ERP. With this option, it is good to calculate well, that the surplus should not be more than 15% of the working time, because then the losses will be unreasonably large and it is good to think about one of the other two options.

For Bulgaria, the average working hours of a photovoltaic system on an annual basis are about 1300 hours. Which means that if, for example, you have a photovoltaic system of 5kWp, then 5 x 1300 = 6500 kW of energy output you can expect on an annual basis. You should take into account that in summer the production of a system is about 3 times more than in winter.

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