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Billboard solar pv lighting

Make sure that your advertisement is visible 24/7
and it reaches a maximum number of potential customers.

Key Features

The most important thing about an advertisement is that it reaches as many potential customers as possible. That is why we believe that the solar lighting of an advertising billboard is worthwhile investment! The solar billboard lighting system makes your ad stand out during the dark hours of the day.

We offer fully automated solar PV lighting systems that will light up in the dark part of the day, without the need for readjustment according to Daylight Saving Time.

For six months of the year the night is longer than the day. Don’t leave your ad in the dark, contact us for the best solutions for solar PV lighting for billboards and advertising!

What you get with us:

Expert Consultation

We will aim to answer all of your questions

Certified Products

All materials and components which we use comply with the highest quality and safety technical standards


We will clarify all requirements regarding the necessary documentation

Right on Time

We complete our work exactly within stipulated timelines. They will be detailed within our contract and will be our first priority.


We guarantee that the work that we do complies with all relevant technical standards.

High Quality

Our biggest priority: high quality. We strive to achieve this at all cost.