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Solar billboard lighting

Make your ad visible 24/7
and reach more users.

Main characteristics

The most important thing about an advertisement is that it reaches as many potential customers as possible. That’s why we from the EU-3 think that the lighting of an advertising billboard is an investment that is worth every leva! The photovoltaic lighting system makes your advertisement stand out from the others in the dark hours of the day.

We offer fully automated lighting that will shine during the dark part of the day without the need to readjust when changing from summer to winter time and vice versa.

During 6 months of the year, the night is longer than the day! So don’t leave your advertisement in the dark, contact US to offer you the best options for solar billboard and advertisement lighting!

Solar billboard lighting

With us you get

Expert consultation

We will try to answer all your questions

Certified products

All the materials and components we use meet the highest global standards.


We will explain to you all the necessary documents and how to get them.

Just in time

We do our work, exactly within the deadlines we have given. These will be outlined in our contract and will be a priority for us


We guarantee that the work done by us meets all the necessary standards.

High quality

The biggest priority for us is high quality. We always strive for it, at any cost.