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solar pump

A pumping system, powered by the energy of the sun.

Key features

The PV pumping system is very simple and consists of the following components:

The diagram on the right visualises how the system operates. A surface pump is given in this example, but most of the pump models we offer are submersible screw pumps.

This system has two configurations. You can turn your existing pump into a solar PV pump by adding a special inverter or you can directly install a solar pump without the need for an inverter.

Option 1

In the first case, we need to know the power capacity of the pump in order to select the right inverter and the correct number of solar PV panels. Ideally, the panels should have 20-30% more power capacity than the pump, so that the system can work even in suboptimal conditions. For example, if your pump is 1 200W, then we recommend a minimum of 1 500W panels, or even 2 000W, for greater security.

After ou connect the pump, all you need is the sun. When there is sun, the pump runs constantly. If the power coming from the panels drops, it reduces the pumping speed until full power from the panels is restored. If the power weakens a lot (when there is dense clouding), the system stops and waits for the sun to return and power to recover.

Option 2

In the second case, the system works by the same principle, but in this case we require more information to select the ideal pump for your needs. We would require the drilling depth, the required head size and the flow rate per hour.

There is also an option to add a battery pack to be used in the dark part of the day or in bad weather when the production of the panels is not sufficient. We would need you to estimate how many hours of reserves you would like to have, expressed in a number of operating hours of the pump.

The solar pump can be used to fill a large buffer tank which you can use directly for irrigation. A great way to store energy in the form of water!

What you get with us:

Expert Consultation

We will aim to answer all of your questions. If we don't have the answer at hand, we will do the work and find it for you as quicly as possible.

Certified Products

All materials and components which we use comply with the highest quality and safety technical standards. Each and every product has been approevd for use within the EU.


We will clarify all requirements regarding the necessary documentation: how to obtain them, where and when to submit these. We will assist in filling out all forms.

Right on Time

We complete our work exactly within stipulated timelines. They will be detailed within our contract and will be our first priority.


Every product which we work with carries a technical warranty. Any technical issues arising within this period will be serviced as soon as possible or components will be replaced as needed.

High Quality

Our biggest priority: high quality. We strive to achieve this at all cost.