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Solar PV street
and park lighting

Off-grid lighting, which is suitable for remote parks, roads, parking lots etc.

Key features

Off-grid solar PV lighting is increasingly used in remote parks and roads where there is no grid power access. Lighting systems can be centralised – when the solar PV system is positioned in a central position which supplies all lights. The other, more common option, is for each luminaire to have its own solar PV system.

The lighting system can be automated at the customer’s request. It can switch on when it gets dark and off when the sun comes up, can be scheduled to go on and off at specific times, or it can come on when it gets dark and remain operational for a certain number of hours.

We can configure many different systems with different lighting fixtures and different lighting times. If you are interested in off-grid lighting, do not hesitate to contact us!

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What you get with us:

Expert Consultation

We will aim to answer all of your questions. If we don't have the answer at hand, we will do the work and find it for you as quicly as possible.

Certified Products

All materials and components which we use comply with the highest quality and safety technical standards. Each and every product has been approevd for use within the EU.


We will clarify all requirements regarding the necessary documentation: how to obtain them, where and when to submit these. We will assist in filling out all forms.

Right on Time

We complete our work exactly within stipulated timelines. They will be detailed within our contract and will be our first priority.


Every product which we work with carries a technical warranty. Any technical issues arising within this period will be serviced as soon as possible or components will be replaced as needed.

High Quality

Our biggest priority: high quality. We strive to achieve this at all cost.