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Legislative process

Own consumption over 20kW

1 week

1. Preliminary research

Preliminary study of the conditions for the construction of a power plant, preparation of a conceptual project, preliminary offer and analysis of the investment.
1 week

2. Construction Notice to ERP

We assist customers with the preparation of the notification to the local ERP, which includes technical data for the plant.
issued upon submission of a Notice

3. Additional Agreement

Based on a submitted request, EPR issues an Additional Agreement to an existing contract for access and transmission of electricity.
The Agreement includes information regarding;
  • the permitted power for the construction of a FEC
  • technical requirements for the connection scheme of the energy object to the customer's electrical system
issued upon submission of a Notice
1 month

4. Design visa

The client submits a request for a FEC design visa to the chief architect of the relevant Municipal Administration (2).
1 month
6 weeks

5. Technical project

According to an additional agreement, design visa and site inspection, the designers of "ES-3" prepare a technical design of the FEC.
The technical project includes;
  • part electrical
  • part structural
6 weeks
1 month

6. Coordination of project with ERP

The technical project drawn up by "EU-3" is submitted for approval by the local ERP.
1 month

7. Coordination of a project with the Municipal Administration

The technical project approved by the ERP is submitted for approval by the Municipal Administration.

8. Building permit

It is issued by the chief architect of the municipality based on an approved project.
1 week

9. Contract for the construction of FEC

On the basis of technical documentation and an Additional Agreement with the ERP, a contract is drawn up and concluded between the client and "ES-3" for the supply of equipment, construction and commissioning of the FPP.
1 week
according to contract

10. Delivery of equipment and construction of a power plant

At "ES-3" we maintain stocks of all necessary components and plan the implementation of our sites so that at the moment of signing a contract with us, the equipment for your PEP will be available in our warehouse.
according to contract

11. Installation done notification

After completion of the construction, the client submits a Notice of Completed Installation to the ERP, in which it indicates changes in the technical parameters of the site, if any.

12. FEC produces electricity

The FEP is connected to the GRT of the site and produces electricity for its own needs.